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Alice Walker Wrote:

“In search of my mother's garden, I found my own.”
Greg Fall:  "I have written hundreds of effective resumes over 10+ years of career coaching / corporate outplacement;  I care about the details and quality of each."  "In the new economy, we are responsible for our own careers; we must make good choices and take action."

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EmploymentTalk™ 4.0 
Online Career Transition 
Our online job search tool, by Insala, provides our clients with a best-in-class, comprehensive, and integrated online career transition program.
We make available 3 months of EmploymentTalk 4.0 as a reasonably priced add-on to our individual resume options and include it, at no additional cost, with most of our corporate sponsored outplacement options.
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"You helped cut my resume in half - down to 2 pages - while more than doubling its effectiveness. I've started getting noticed!" - Mark, VP Sales
"Resume-Choices is my one stop shop for resumes and career coaching. I've known Greg for 15 years and have been extremely satisfied with his timely performance, attention to detail, and his dedicated follow-up." - Rhys, Marketing Consultant
"One of Greg’s more impressive traits is his investment in empathically understanding a person’s career story. He then challenges himself to apply his theoretical framework and his years of experience in the field to give meaning to that story and help the client re-story in a way that is helpful and empowering." - Zark, Professor 
"I like the way Greg relates to people. He always seems genuinely glad to see you, even if there is difficult work to be done. He gets and gives positive energy and always makes others feel better." - Will, Executive Director
"What a resume! I didn't have patience for doing it myself. Although it still required an investment of my time, Greg did excellent work highlighting my technical and people sides. - Mary, Manufacturing Engineer
"The MBTI was one of the best investments I ever made in my career. Thank you for helping me better understand myself and relate to others." - Trish, Bank Branch Manager
"Thanks for the gorgeous resume! I never understood all the details that go into making it effective.  I will tell my friends." - Sandi, College Intern
"It's been tough being out of work, but you have helped re-energize my job search." - Dan, Diesel Mechanic
"I did get the job. The resume gave me confidence." - Zoe, MBA student 
"I've started to get interviews. The resume and coaching with MBTI were great. " - Bill, SVP Human Resources
"Wow, do I look good on paper." - Barb, Assembler
"I have a brand! A significant investment of time, but you combined my leadership style with my disparate areas of expertise - international tax / transfer pricing, M&A, and systems integration - and crafted them into a coherent and compelling value proposition. Thanks for the resume and for helping me better understand what I need to do to take my career to the next level." - Adam, EVP Administration and Finance
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Greg only accepts a limited # of new clients per week in order to insure the highest quality experience. 
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Greg typically spends 1-2 hours on the phone with each client during the process.
Want to take charge of your career?
First, you need to understand what Greg calls your "PVP" or "Professional Value Proposition."
Professional resume writing has its limits. I'm not trying to turn away business here; I'm just stating a fact. No matter how compelling and well written your resume is, you can't play the online application game - that will only get you an average of 5 indications of interest for every 100 applications submitted. The ATS or applicant tracking system will eat your resume for lunch. You must get your resume into the hands of the hiring manager and you must tell them how you can take away their pain ... with your core strengths. I've beat this drum for years.
Click here to go to Liz Ryan's LinkedIn article I'm a Smart Person -- So Why Can't I Get Hired? in which she talks about this idea and offers more valuable advice. This article gets my rare stamp of approval. Go Liz! 
Ask yourself what you are doing to:

  • Make an IMPACT that matters
  • LEARN a new skill for the future
  • Understand changing ROLES