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Following are a partial list of assessments offered by Core Choices Consulting as part of our various programs – from career transition to leadership development and coaching. Assessments are also available as standalone products, each involving an interpretive session via phone or in person. All are available online unless otherwise noted. Additional psychometric and assessment tools are available as appropriate to the individual or group program.

​The assessment price includes a report (typically pdf) emailed to you and a 50 minute phone interpretation / discussion.

We often recommend utilizing combinations of 2-3 assessments in conjunction with each other, in order to add greater insight and offer targeted recommendations for moving forward. For example, a leadership assessment "cocktail" which we often utilize when coaching leaders includes: MBTI II, EQi, and FIRO-B.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) II

Available from Consulting Psychologists Press (CPP), MBTI II reveals detailed personality preferences which can lead to greater self awareness, improved choices, more effective interactions and communications with others, and career exploration/fit. MBTI is among the most validated assessment instruments available, with over 1 million administered each year. It is often utilized in combination with other instruments for maximum impact. $115.  View sample report at CPP website.

Emotional Intelligence

As a standard among emotional intelligence inventories, MHS’s Bar-On EQ-i measures 15 areas related to social and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Utilized to enhance self-perception, recognize available capacity for coping with stress, and develop more effective relationships and manage conflict with others, the tool provides powerful the complex relationship between emotions. $145.  View sample report at MHS website.

Golden Personality Profiler

The Golden Personality Profiler was developed by John Golden, EdD, in the 1980s and provides a detailed report very similar to the MBTI II, with four primary dichotomies and several sub-sets under each. Like MBTI, the four dichotomies explained are: E-I, S-N, T-F, and J-P. The assessment boasts high validity and reliability and, in my own experience with clients, correlates closely with MBTI.  $105.

Strong and Campbell Career Inventories

These questionnaires, based on Holland’s RIASEC theory, help determine self perceptions regarding career interests and corresponding skill levels. Often administered in conjunction with a personality preference instrument, the inventories may help guide individual career exploration in 1 or more of 6-7 areas covered: artistic, social, enterprising, investigative, realistic, conventional, or adventuring.  $95. each.  Vew sample Strong report at CPP website.

360°/Multi-rater Assessments

Customized 360° assessments are available to measure particular leadership or management traits as they relate to organizational core competencies. This tool is customizable to consider factors important to the organization and its culture, but has the versatility of also choosing from a number of competencies validated in large field studies. This tool’s ability to include the ratings of peers, subordinates, and managers makes it among the most powerful in terms of presenting insights for individual development.  Starting at $650.


The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation or FIRO-B is often utilized, in conjunction with other self-assessments, to improve understanding of group dynamics from the perspective of each individual’s expressed and underlying needs from the group as related to the 3 areas of: affection / openness, control, and inclusion. The instrument assists with self-awareness concerning how much socializing, leadership, or personal relations each person wants in their interactions. $105.  View sample report at CPP website.

DiSC Classic

Extremely user friendly and well validated, DiSC provides a simple approach to understanding and improving complex human interactions and communications. Utilized in conjunction with a variety of programs, such as leadership and team development, coaching, and career exploration, this tool allows insight into one’s own behavioral preferences, as well as into the preferences of others. $115.

DISCovering Self and Others with 360° Feedback

The Ken Blanchard Companies’ DISC version with 360° feedback offers the highest quality multi-rater assessment of behavioral preferences under Marston’s theory. Very user friendly, the product integrates well with other leadership development programs and boasts a top rate job aid and materials for use by participants following the training.  $375.

Watson-Glaser II

This 80 question self-assessment utilizes 3 test exercise areas to measure critical thinking ability. Its robust validity and reliability history power its continued use in measuring individuals across 5 categories: drawing inferences, recognizing assumptions, and evaluating arguments. $85.  

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