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Greg offers two types of career coaching.

Customized Career Coaching

At any given time, we work with a limited number of these clients for whom 1-on-1 career coaching is fully customized to their unique needs. Clients typically meet with their coach in-person, on the phone, or by Skype for one hour per week or every other week to review progress, strategize, and develop next action steps. Topics can range from career exploration through interviewing and onboarding and are agreed upon in advance of the meetings, in order to keep focus and maximize results. Cost is based on a sliding fee scale, from $150. to $275. per hour, depending on ability to pay and with fees billed for every ½ hour. Assessments are billed separately.

Roughly half of our career coaching clients are gainfully employed, but interested in improving their skills in areas such as: leadership, communication, and motivation. Career coaching of this type becomes a tool for professional development and often, after the first few meetings and any assessment work, we typically set a schedule of connecting once per month or every few weeks around key workplace events. 

Career Coaching on Topic Areas (our most popular)

Many individuals are just focused on 1 or 2 topic areas. Therefore, we have developed several modules – from 1 to 2 hours in length each, billed at $150. per hour. Sometimes ongoing coaching can fall into a trap where an individual becomes dependent on the process itself and, also, may neglect the difficult work associated with networking and securing employment. Therefore, a coaching session which is limited in both time and focus can allow for greater impact and cost effectiveness. Specifically, this can allow for:

•  focus of the client to make things happen / maintain personal accountability,

•  maximum impact of coaching expertise, and

•  containment of costs for value of services received.

Once you have locked in for one or more coaching modules, you will receive instructions for completing and sending in the required pre-work, so that your time and your coach's can be maximally effective.

Modules include:

•  Exploration

•  Organization

•  Branding

•  Networking

•  Interviewing

•  Negotiations

•  Onboarding

In addition to individual career coaching, we also offer group seminars regularly.

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