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Don't invest hundreds of hours in securing interviews if you aren't ready for prime time.

​Did you ever notice that during some interviews, an alien disguised as you seems to unexpectedly show up? This can either lead to: A. more free time with which to continue your job search or B. an offer of employment and new job … which usually lasts for less than 2 months (after all, remember that the hiring manager thought they were hiring someone else!).

The best interviews are exploratory dialogs with both parties fully engaged or, at the very least, opportunities for you to tell a compelling career story linked to the hiring organization’s needs.

Over the course of two sessions, Greg will help prepare you for your next interview and cover such topics as: managing anxiety, types of interviews, behavioral and situational interviewing, motivational-based questions, tailoring your stories and answers to their hiring motives, the importance of non-verbal messaging, the interview process, testing and reference/background checks, the close, and follow up strategies. Length: 2 hours (2 – 1 hour sessions). Price: $150./hour.

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