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A  detailed resume can still be ineffective. Keep your eye 
on the macro concepts.

By Greg Fall

Here are a few of the macro concepts to keep in mind during the process of crafting your resume.

Motivation – Find a way to overcome your anxiety and motivate yourself at the level necessary to write, edit, seek advice and opinion, re-write, and polish off a first-rate product.

Branding – Figure out your personal brand and how it differentiates you from the competition, then make sure it is presented clearly and convincingly.

Perfection – There must be no mistakes on your resume. None. But, remember, before “perfection” usually comes “crap.” So … get started and just put something down on paper. 8 revisions later … ooowala!

Story telling – Ask yourself what career story your resume tells. Both scan and read it over to make sure it tells the story you want.

Accomplishments – The most powerful indicator of future success is past success. Your resume must highlight all your significant accomplishments.

Numbers – Utilizing quantitative as well as qualitative descriptions is the most powerful way to quickly convey your seriousness at getting results and boosting your credibility.

Consistency – Your resume’s message must be consistent with other messages, whether via email, Linkedin, business card, verbal marketing statements, or other communications.

Team Approach – At a minimum, you should be engaging others to help with editing and review of drafts. They might even help you remember your strengths, accomplishments, and how you are perceived by others. You may do much of the writing by yourself, but you need a team to insure the most effective final product.

Professional Resume Writer Help – Should you engage an accomplished, professional resume writer to help with the process? If so, how much should you pay? Just remember the two rules of time and money: 1) don’t wait until you have procrastinated down to your last dime and 2) you get what you pay for. 

The Process has Value – The actual process of creating your resume will pay huge dividends in other areas of your search as well. The process can eventually boost your confidence, provide insight into your brand differentiators, further define and clarify your value proposition, and prepare you for networking and interviewing.

What if you need help with an item or two on the above list. Then, go get help - there are lots of folks out there with a plethora of hiring expertise, having sorted through hundreds or thousands of resumes in their careers. They know quality when they see it and are glad to give you a few minutes of their time. However, just make sure you don't rely on just one or two opinions or you'll be dealing with low validity coefficients for your survey! Now, go ask for some help. 

What's that? You're concerned about the impression you will be giving by asking for some help? Well, you would go get help at work if you needed it, wouldn’t you? If you had a medical or legal problem you would go seek the counsel of an expert in the field, wouldn't you? OK, then. Since the resume is your primary marketing brochure AND you have one chance to get it right AND you are hiring yourself to create it … go get some help!