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You may be in love, but from day #1 they will work you hard. Stand up for yourself.

​A longstanding tenet of negotiating is: “He who speaks first, loses.” But what about situations where you are compelled to speak first? What do you type in when the online form asks for your compensation expectations? In this market, how much leverage do you really have, anyway?

Topics covered in this module include: pre-negotiations, researching compensation, being honest versus being open, tactics for delaying conversations, negotiating non-wage items, written and verbal offers, the non-offer, how to negotiate a small increase or a significant increase, simplifying the compensation conversation, buying time, and handling competing offers. 

Remember, before you even begin writing the resume and one of your colleagues casually asks how much compensation you will need to make in the next position ... don't give the wrong answer. Time: 1 hour. Price: $150/hour.

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