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We work 
together to make your career story and value proposition market ready.

1st impressions are everything.

With our resume service, we help you make the best 1st impression possible through the printed word.

This is not a endeavor in which you just hand over an old resume, we improve it, and send it back to you. You can get that for $50. to $150. at hundreds of sites on the internet.

This is an endeavor where we will each invest substantial time to produce a product which will get you noticed and each of us will feel good about. After a brief conversation about your existing resume and/or situation, we submit a customized proposal to you, in order to provide clarity about expectations and deliverables. We then guide you through the process - beginning with our career questionnaire, followed by 45 minutes - 1.5 hours of initial phone consultation (may be longer for senior executives, followed by writing of a draft by our firm for your review, followed by our refining of that draft together (over 75% of our clients change the draft very little), followed by your approval of a finished product. Our proposal fees are non-negotiable as is our need for phone access to you (can be on weekends or evenings if more convenient). There are potential customers we turn down because they can be better served elsewhere. There has been only 1 customer who ever considered requesting a refund and, after showing the resume to several of his executive peers who had inferior resumes produced at greater expense, he promptly apologized and went on to use the document with great success. We are committed to your satisfaction. 

Re-printed from FAQ section ...

The Product. Our commitment is to both satisfy you and provide you with highly valuable tools to leverage in your career search. Our resumes get attention by hiring authorities, our assessment interpretations give you an edge in determining fit, and our counsel is both strategic and tactical – tailored to your specific situation and needs. Final resume versions are provided in both Word and PDF versions and assessment results are offered in PDF. You are the brand – we can help you in your efforts to define, promote, and build upon your brand equity. Others may make an old resume look pretty and throw in a few adjectives for a cheap fee; we focus on delivering compelling and easily digestible content to hiring authorities with no time for fluff.

The Process. Our confidential, in-depth, and educational resume development process engages you directly to zero in on your unique professional self and core competencies; your resume must present your value proposition in a compelling way to your target audience. Upon engagement, you will forward your old resume or complete a resume preparation form, complete a career questionnaire and any other pre-work required, and then spend from 45 minutes to 2 hours together (in person or on the phone) with Greg answering questions and telling your career story; if you do note currently have a resume and choose to verbally tell your story/accomplishments to Greg, more than one conversation may be required. Once a draft of your resume is completed, within 5-8 business days, you will provide feedback for final adjustments. The process is complete when you are completely satisfied with the result.  

The Person. Some highly skilled resume writers and career coaches have no experience working for companies and thus no insight into the most up-to-date business thinking and practices, as well as hiring practices. For nearly 15 years, Greg has earned his living primarily via career and human resource consulting for a variety of small and Fortune 500 companies – partnering directly with HR management, department managers, and c-suite executives to meet their needs. In addition, Greg writes effective resumes for all levels of professionals and students, having completed many hundreds over the years. Greg’s motivation is helping others to achieve their professional potential. He takes on a limited number of clients at any given time in order to maintain the highest quality of service.


Unless otherwise noted (such as with seminars), clients are invoiced directly from Pay Pal by Core Choices Consulting (business account) for services discussed, agreed upon, and scheduled. 

Our free, individualized project proposals will give you a firm price based on your professional history and on our perceived complexity of the work involved. Typical resume length is listed below. Our “begin at” rates are often fairly close to our proposal prices, which are non-negotiable. 

Our rates begin at:

Student / 1 Page Resume: $149.

Early Career / 1 Page Resume: $189.

Professional / 1-2 Page Resume: $339. 

Mid Level / 2 Page Resume: $429.

Senior Level / 2 -3 Page Resume: $499.

Executive/ 2-3 Page Resume: $689. 

Payment in full using a MasterCard, Visa, or check is expected prior to project start and will be invoiced through our PayPal company account (you do not need a PayPal account to make payment).

We believe our prices are extremely reasonable compared to the market for this type of intensive, customized work by a resume writer with a high level of expertise. If you choose to have your resume written for less, we wish you the best. Nearly 20% of our clients come to us with a resume they have paid someone else to prepare.

We look forward to speaking with you about this important part of your career transition.

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