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The following are a few representative writings which may prove useful in considering career development or a transition to another position. All rights are reserved with all written material unless otherwise noted, but please feel comfortable sharing the links to various articles with others if you find them instructive. They are shared in order to make a difference, to improve your chances at a successful transition and career future.

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What is the Most Important Factor in Job Search?
Frequently, I am asked is: “what is the most important aspect of a job search?” Response #1 … If I don’t have time for discussion, I answer ... Read more.

Defining and Differentiating Your Brand
Brand matters. Question: When you have been tasked with a run to the supermarket to pick up some items for a social networking event with some senior managers, are you more likely to choose a known brand or do you take a chance on an unknown, less expensive no-brand alternative? ... Read more.
Here are a few of the macro concepts to keep in mind during the process of crafting your resume.

​A Few of the Top Macro Concepts in Resume Writing
Motivation – Find a way to overcome your anxiety and motivate yourself at the level necessary to write, edit, seek advice and opinion, re-write, and polish off a first-rate product.  Branding – Figure out your personal brand and how it differentiates you ... Read more.

Resume Writing Principles
The following are a few key principles to keep in mind when writing your resume ... Accuracy – Be honest in describing your experience and ... Read more.

Questions to Ask when Addressing Anxiety
Recently, I have developed a customizable workshop to help employees of corporate clients begin addressing an increased level of anxiety in the workplace. The same principles, however, can be applied during a career transition. Often the causes ... Read more.

What Not to Put in Your Resume
Unless you are looking to torpedo your own job search, when writing your resume, do not include … social security number, the day or month you were hired and/or left a position, compensation ... Read more.

The Human Factor at Work
In the modern workplace there is less and less room for connecting with our inner humanness, that compassionate core or soul that defines our very essence. The corporate wheel keeps spinning ever faster and, unable to manufacture more time or energy, we are often left emotionally and mentally exhausted ... Read more.

Shifting Higher Education Norms for Professional Positions​
A master’s degree is the new normal professional and senior level positions. 60 years ago, if you had a high school diploma, you still had a possibility of rising through the ranks of a corporation. 40 years ago, you were all but required to have a bachelor’s degree to move through the ranks. 25 years ago, the master’s degree began its climb to replace ... Read more.

Special or Technical Skills Section on a Resume?
Everyone has “special” skills … but should they be given their own “special” section? The key question is: “do they constitute the core of your value proposition and brand differentiation?” If they do ... Read more.